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About Us

Circuit Communications was established in 2007. We are a Malaysian-based boutique communications agency specialising in brand promotions.


Our clienteles are from various industries namely beauty and lifestyle, automotive and motorsports, as well as technology and corporate.


Our involvement in various projects has enabled us to establish connections strongly with relevant parties from various industries and the media. Over the years, our successful partnerships and close collaborations together with effective communications techniques have greatly benefited our clients in reaching out to their target audience or customers.

Brand positioning and brand differentiation are pivotal in bringing a brand to life especially in a crowded marketplace. Effective consistent messages is also important to drum in the brand’s messages resulting in positive brand perception among consumers and the public. At Circuit Communications, we work with you in crafting desirable messages and send them through using a variety of channels that are relevant to your target audience. We are also able to help customise a practical communications plan or even an event that is suited to your budget.  

Brand & Marketing
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Media relations is one of our strengths. Apart from the dissemination of press releases and press statements to various media outlets, we are able to organise and coordinate media interviews, media conferences and other media related events.

Want to explore new media to promote your brand or products? You could explore working with influencers in offering them new experiences and interesting products to review.

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Media Relations
New Media
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Apart from being PR practitioners, we are also wordsmiths so come to us if you need your press releases, speeches, advertorials or digital content written.

Editorial Services
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