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Hada Labo

HADA LABO’S ‘We Care For Nature’ Plants 750 Trees
far Tapir Conservation

Hada Labo, a brand renowned for its commitment to environmental conservation, has taken significant steps in furthering its dedication to Mother Nature. Building on the success of its ongoing 'We Care for Nature' initiative, which was initiated in 2020, the brand has proudly contributed to the planting of 3,150 trees for the past 4 years.

37 B40 Women Entrepreneurs and 12 Aged Homes to Benefit from HADA LABO’S ‘We Care For Society’ this year

Hada Labo, a renowned skincare brand, has once again taken a step forward to improve the lives of B40 women through its annual “We Care For Society” CSR campaign which aims to educate and equip these women with valuable skills and knowledge thereby helping them achieve financial independence. The outreach to low-income B40 women was carried out in partnership with Women Of Will (WOW) and Watsons.

Collaborating with NGOs to Raise RM100,000

Hada Labo launches their ‘We Care’ CSR Campaign Series in collaboration with selected NGOs and Watsons to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The campaign covers three pillars, namely ‘Care for You’, ‘Care for Society’ and ‘Care for Nature’. The ‘Care for You’ campaign focuses on providing skincare education to the public in caring for their skin, while the ‘Care for Society’ campaign is aimed at reaching out to the underprivileged community. The ‘Care for Nature’ campaign, on the other hand, will see the brand’s involvement in helping to create a sustainable environment.

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