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A Campaign that is Similar, but Different

Updated: May 20, 2023

By Liz Teoh

Hello! This is Liz from Circuit Communications =). This is how I would usually introduce myself to the media or even to our clients when I first joined the company. After more than a year with Circuit Comms., our clients and media friends whom I usually contact are now familiar with this name.

With that said, this was my second time handling Hada Labo’s ‘We Care For Society’ CSR campaign. It’s a women empowerment campaign for the underprivileged that Hada Labo has committed to since 2020. It seemed like an easy execution since we’ve had experience handling similar campaigns for years. “Just do like how it’s done the year before, contact the relevant parties and make the necessary arrangements. Apa susah, right?” However, one of the challenges I faced was getting an enticing news angle to garner more coverage.

The challenge was also in getting the right NGO during a time when most people were clearing their annual leave. So, the proposal development took a while and with time constraint, it was decided that we go with the same NGO as previous years but with a slight tweak to the programme.

Fortunately, the campaign went on smoothly and coverage was not too bad from newspapers, bloggers and influencers. We were also pleasantly surprised with a recent half-page coverage in a popular mainstream paper.

Hada Labo visited one of the old folks to spread love and care
Hada Labo visited one of the old folks to spread love and care
A half page coverage of Hada Labo's CSR event on The Star
A half page coverage in The Star
The cookies and pouch that is included in the Hada Labo goodie bag
The cookies and pouch that are included in the goodie bag

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