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A Newbie's Moment at a Big Scale Event

Updated: Feb 1

By Ivenathika Naranthiran

Greetings, Circuit Blog enthusiasts. Do you recall the butterflies of your first internship

or job? The sweaty palms, the nervous shuffle of your first day, not knowing what

awaited you?

In a similar vein, as a Circuit intern, I found myself gearing up for my very first significant

event — the Bath and Body Works showcase, celebrating the iconic gingham series.

Getting dressed up meant putting on gingham, which proved to be a scavenger hunt

until our boss suggested a look-in at Mr. DIY. There, a serendipitous find saved the

day—a gingham hairband, evidence of which you’ve glimpsed in the photo shared


Now, to the crux of my experience. Imagine the grand centre court of Pavilion, set to

host a crowd of over 200 media and influencer personalities. The newbie in me was

both thrilled and petrified. Yet, in the swirl of preparation and chatter with my colleagues

about our strategies, I felt a part of something thrilling.

The team at Circuit—Liz, Esther, Damia, and our ever-helpful boss were not just

professionals, but mentors who guided me through the maze of my first big event.

There were some hits and misses through the day, however, a snapshot of that day

sticks with me: managing the onslaught of guests, assisting with registration, navigating

the curious public while handing out brochures and stamp cards giving out goodies. My

team’s reassuring presence proved to me just how cohesive and supportive a team

could be.

The event wrapped with a casual tour of the booths, camaraderie-filled group photos,

and a keepsake—free hand sanitizer from one of the activities, now a cherished


At the day’s end, as we nursed our weary feet, the overwhelming sense of

accomplishment was undeniable. It was a revelation of how a compact team can pull off

such an extensive event, an experience that certainly left a lasting imprint on my early

career path.

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