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Excitement From the Reds

By Liz Teoh

VIPs on stage with Battle of the Reds players
VIPs on stage with the players

While football may not be everyone’s forte at the office, the opportunity to be part of a football event is nothing short of exhilarating. Witnessing football icons take the stage during the press conference event was a thrilling experience for all involved.

Despite encountering unexpected hurdles in the lead-up to D-day, our team’s composed demeanour enabled us to navigate through challenges calmly, ensuring flawless execution of our respective roles.

One of the biggest challenges for this press conference is getting the RSVPs from the media that we are hardly in contact with. However, our diligent follow up calls have resulted in a good turnout.

Media registering at Battle of the Reds event
Media registration

To date, our efforts have generated PR value exceeding RM1million, a testament to the success of our campaign and buzz surrounding the event.

As anticipation mounts for the match day scheduled for 27 th April, I look forward to the friendly match between the two teams. The camaraderie between the two representatives from both teams and passion displayed by fans adds to the excitement of this event.

Whether you are a die-hard football aficionado or simply curious to witness sporting history unfold, mark your for 27 th April 2024 and join us at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil!

Special thanks are owed to our boss for proving accommodation at the event venue, sparing us the hassle of early morning commutes from Setia Alam and Klang where both Esther and me live. We could sleep in longer and indulge in leisurely breakfast at the hotel, and ensuring we arrive refreshed ready to capture exciting moments of this monumental


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