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Glowing with Glowssentials for the Day

By Nordamia Rahimi

Have you ever been in that situation as a kid where you planned a birthday party and anxiously waited for your first guest to arrive?

Well, I recently experienced something similar on the day of our PIXY's Glowssentials skincare launch event. As an event newbie at Circuit Communications, it was one of the biggest responsibilities entrusted to me, and I must admit, I was quite nervous, even behind the head-turning bright pink set I had on for the event. Despite going through every little detail prior to event, I still had that child-like “what if nobody shows up?” thought.

The Malaysian heat was also relentless that day but thankfully, the registration table, my first station for the day, was well air-conditioned. As soon as I arrived, I immediately jumped in to assist the crew in setting up the venue. The ambiance resembled a scene from a Barbie movie, with a colour palette of pink, green, and white. Flowers adorned the tables and counters, along with displays of PIXY's skincare products. The atmosphere had a dreamy, fresh vibe that captured the Glowssentials aura, which set the perfect tone for the event.

It was also the day when I finally met our clients in person for the first time. After weeks of working closely with them behind the scene, it was an interesting experience to see these familiar faces up close and have a couple delightful conversations with them. The same went for our KOLs who all arrived a little later, each showcasing their unique interpretation of the colour theme. It was like a runway show when they walked in, with everyone sporting smiles and engaging in conversations with one another.

With Esther’s help, the girls were ushered up the elevator and the event finally kicked off with a presentation and speech by our fabulous MC who was as colourful and bold as her wardrobe for the day – a bright green shirt with pink pants and a floral printed hijab. She interacted with everyone, including the staffs and crew, ensuring everyone felt welcomed at the event.

While a few guests arrived late, they were also quickly escorted upstairs to join the others who warmly welcomed them to the event. Conversations flowed naturally, a lot of photos were taken, and people genuinely enjoyed each other's company. It was heart-warming to see some lucky fans of our KOLs who had won an online contest to join us as well. In an amusing twist of fate, I even bumped into a girl from my university days among the winners.

As the evening progressed, our guests immersed themselves in the outdoor activities, some of which turned out to be unexpectedly competitive. The event featured four games, and participants collected stamps to claim prizes at the end. Additionally, there was an overnight oat-making station where a few KOLs and I engaged in more conversations, snapped selfies, and shared laughter.

The entire event felt like a grand slumber party. Most of the attendees were around my age, and their natural friendliness and camaraderie made the experience truly enjoyable. I like to think they also had enjoyed their time considering they stopped Esther and I on their way out for a quick chat, jokingly refusing to leave. The entire setting, colours, the message the brand carries forward and the group of amazing women who exuded confidence and kindness made me appreciate femininity in a whole new light.

Not bad for a first timer. This experience had only left me eagerly looking forward to more skincare events in the future.

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