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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

By Esther Koh

It is always full of surprises in PR and at events, and this is what drives us to keep pushing our limits.


Back to back events sound tiring and stressful, but if you have teammates that support each other, it can turn out to be fun.


At Circuit Communications, teamwork is emphasised by making use of each members’ strengths to cover each other’s weaknesses.


In January 2024, our small team had to cover two back-to-back events on the same day. We had started preparing for one event since December last year, and the other event came in at the last minute. We thought it would be impossible to manage them, but we have a great leader who strategised accordingly and guided us through these two events with calmness.

Bath & Body Works Luminous Collection Launch

With less than a week of preparation, we managed to secure enough media and KOLs RSVP to our event despite many clashing events on the same day. The team worked hard to follow up with fellow media and KOLs on their availability and extended the invitation list whenever possible.

With teamwork, our task became less stressful than we thought it would be.


The event saw surprising attendance with 100% KOL and 70% media participation. The client's flexibility in adjusting the guest list was key, as many media and KOLs we wanted to invite had conflicting schedules. Thanks to the client, we expanded the guest list smoothly, aiding in achieving our RSVP and attendance targets.

More photos of the event:

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