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The Noun: ‘Workation’ = Work + Vacation + Liz

By Ivenathika Naranthiran

Greetings, Circuit Blog readers! This time, I am thrilled to share our delightful December workation experience with you. Long story short, last year, Circuit Communications embarked on a new journey by having PayNet as our client for a special innovative effort called the MY TouristPay App. The MY TouristPay App by far has played a pivotal role in boosting the local economy of Langkawi over the past few months, in close collaboration with the talented artisans of the region.

Our journey to Langkawi began with the need for media registration and organising one-on-one interviews with broadcasting media at the app launch event. Having to travel alongside a colleague or friend filled me with excitement, as I had never embarked on a far-distance staycation with any of my peers before. It was a first-time experience that had me eagerly anticipating the day of our departure.

After landing, we had a quick dinner with our boss, Angela, then proceeded to check in and recharge for the busy day ahead. This phase, known as the preparations phase, is critical to us, as it involves thorough double-checks, such as reviewing the programme rundown, fine-tuning the press release, and ensuring the media kit is impeccably prepared for the big day. At Circuit's, we leave no stone unturned to ensure perfection before sharing our work with the media or  clients.


Late into the night, as our boss Angela, Liz, and I diligently worked on editing press releases and the programme rundown, we faced a daunting challenge: the colour printer malfunctioned due to its recent flight travel. Despite our exhaustion, Angela gave us an alternative solution and successfully resolved the issue.


As you could probably tell, finding solutions is second nature to us, especially with Angela.  To continue, though Liz and I were tired, we decided to explore Langkawi further, taking a nighttime stroll along the streets of Pantai Cenang. To our surprise, most shops were closed, but Liz enjoyed a popsicle, and I had a Maggi cup, just in case hunger struck in the middle of the night. Holding on to our dear lives through the dark streets, we returned to our luxurious hotel and later fell asleep.

As the morning sun rose, it was finally D-Day for PayNet's MY TouristPay App launch event, the culmination of our preparations. Without a doubt, the event unfolded flawlessly, including the media turnouts, keeping in mind that the event actually happened in Langkawi.

With a big smile on our faces while we departed from the hotel, Liz, my adventurous companion, was already brimming with ideas on how to make the most of the next 30 minutes before our boarding time. Without hesitation, we opted to head to the beach. And behold, you can clearly see the sheer joy and excitement she was experiencing!

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I wasn't having a great time; I was thoroughly enjoying myself. However, I was feeling a bit under the weather and was longing to return home, where I could chug in some medicine and cosy up in my warm blanket.  As we boarded our return journey, we couldn't help but reflect on how this work had surpassed our expectations. There were no dilly dallying moments, ensuring maximum enjoyment while imparting invaluable lessons that were a treasure trove for an aspiring PR enthusiast like myself.

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