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The Preparation

Updated: May 20, 2023

by Liz Teoh (Employee of The Year, Awarded by Esther)

Let me explain how this ‘Employee of The Year’ came about. Even if you are not curious, please pretend to be!

The weather was extremely hot for a couple of days (even till today), so I was feeling unwell, probably caught a flu bug. It got more severe as the day went by but I still went ahead to work. Knowing that we had an event in a few days’ time, I wouldn’t want to burden my colleagues as we were all busy. So that’s how my colleague gave me that title ‘Employer of

the Year’.

While we were used to handling car launches and very clear with our roles, the recent Creta event had an extra bit, which involved the event agency. We were told that the events team would manage the pairing of media, but they were not familiar.

A photo of Liz and friends before the Hyundai Creta event
A photo before the event officially starts

Upon realising the shortfall, I immediately worked on the grouping list and tadaa~ got it done before the media arrived.

However, there was a delay for the test drive session as the media were busy taking footages of the car. While the rest who were waiting for their turn were just chilling and eating the nice spread that was prepared for them. And thanks to that, I was able to hop onto one of the media car and experience the drive. It was a short and exciting ride. We normally

don’t get to do this during events so it was nice. I wish we had more courage to take the car out for a drive when given the opportunity, especially after the media left.

Media prepare to test drive Hyundai Creta
Media friends prepare to test drive the Creta
The test drive begins the moment you sit in the vehicle.

I’d like to also take this opportunity to thank my kind boss, who gave me time off to see a doctor and also to rest despite the two-day event. Also, I am grateful to my colleagues, Esther and Damia for covering my job.

Hyundai Creta spyshot

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