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Unleashed Our Power from within for the Biggest Event of the Year, Thus Far

By Esther Koh

4 influencers posing in front of a NARS booth for the launch of the Powermatte Lipstick shade extension

We had roughly three weeks to four weeks to prepare for a major launch event for NARS, featuring

the introduction of their highly anticipated Powermatte Lipstick shade extension. The event was held

at Pavilion Centre Court, aiming to accommodate approximately 200 attendees, comprising

members of the media, celebrities, and influencers.

The excitement around NARS on social media, particularly among local influencers, fuelled my

enthusiasm for spearheading the launch. Nevertheless, the magnitude of the event caught me off

guard, marking it as the most substantial launch I have ever overseen.

In our office, there’s a motto that resonates with us: “Don’t think, just do”, coined by our colleague.

Remembering this motto, I jumped into action as soon as the event was confirmed. Fortunately, the

client had provided us with a comprehensive list of influencers that they had collaborated with in

the past, making it easier for us to manage.

After diligent follow-ups, we successfully secured over 200 RSVPs.

The preparatory work got off to a chaotic start, but we quickly regained control and everything

proceeded smoothly from that point. I had a chance to catch up with influencer friends and the

highlight that evening for me, was getting a photo taken with one of the mega influencers I have

been following on Instagram for some time.

While events can be exhausting, they also bring immense joy and satisfaction. Knowing that

everyone enjoyed their time and that we successfully executed the event, made all the hard work


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