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Unveiling the Anessa x Doraemon Collaboration: Where There is Sunshine, There is Sunscreen

Updated: May 31, 2023

by Nordamia Rahimi

One thing I’ve noticed about Malaysian weather is that it’s one of the few things locals have just accepted. Whether it is raining cats and dogs at random times of the day or scorching heat waves that seem to last forever, things tend to go on regardless.

We were so grateful that there was not a single grey cloud in sight for the anticipated unveiling of the Anessa x Doraemon collaboration. However, the downside to the event was that there were no clouds at all. It was bright, sunny, and very hot all day which was ironically fitting considering the collaboration was for a new sunscreen line.

Despite the undeniable impact of the weather, we persevered, perspiration beading on our brows within minutes. Every detail was meticulously arranged as we readied ourselves for the launch in the heart of Bukit Bintang. Passers-by couldn't help but be captivated by the vibrant blue exhibit amidst the surrounding structures, while the playful Doraemon symbols scattered throughout our open area became a magnet for kids seeking memorable photo opportunities.

As scheduled, the event began. Our guests were excited to finally check out the different attractions our pop-up store had to offer. We did our best to accommodate to their requests and answer any questions despite the humid and hot conditions. I had only started feeling the true burn of the weather around 1:00 p.m. The sun was directly above our heads, which led us to retreat to the opened doors of a nearby UNIQLO that was thankfully blasting their air conditioning.

During our breaks, I took the opportunity to test the displayed sunscreens, while the knowledgeable staff graciously guided me through their differences and proper usage. We eventually had withdrawn to a nearby mall where it almost felt like a completely different world. Not to mention, because it was towards the end of Ramadan at the time so I couldn’t have lunch or iced teas with my colleagues, but I was still happy to accompany them in the well-conditioned restaurant. Anything to escape the sun's relentless gaze, even for a few moments. After lunch, we returned to our station outside and the event carried on. We continued persevering through what felt like the longest couple of hours, eventually seeking refuge in a nearby Starbucks during our final break to cool down before the last session.

As the pop-up event ended, the sun had slightly descended, but the heat and humidity persisted. It was a day of consistent sunscreen reapplications, a testament to the challenging weather conditions we endured while creating memorable experiences for our attendees.

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